March 2021 Update

Welcome to the first installment of what will become a monthly publication that provides updates on Yam’s Dao House. The goal is to provide an open and transparent look into the Dao House portfolio’s. I’ll also be posting important Dao House updates, as well as tossing in a few notable CT tweets from the previous month for your enjoyment.

yamHOUSE Portfolio

See the full monthly report here and visit the yamHOUSE homepage here

DAO House Happenings

SushiSwap has an active proposal to have Yam create and launch a sushiHOUSE portfolio. Below is an excerpt from the sushiHOUSE proposal.

SushiHOUSE is a fully-customizable treasury management solution built by the Yam Finance team. This proposal would allow the Sushi DAO to migrate part of the sushi treasury into a diversified basket of ETH, BTC, stablecoin and other DeFi allocations as a Bear Market Protection Portfolio. sushiHOUSE will have an active portfolio manager to rebalance portfolio according to risk profiles.

You can see the full snapshot proposal here: sushiHOUSE Treasury Management
You can also read Yam’s in-depth proposal here: sushiHOUSE - A Treasury Management Proposal

CT Corner

@BTC_JackSparrow lining out some ETH/BTC TA showing a potential bounce from support which may lead to a larger rally

@sassal0x giving us some great meme material (as usual 😏)